“Two Seasons of Iceland” by Lesa and David Cummings

On display beginning May 9  ♦  Opening Reception June 16, 6-8 PM

For over thirty years, Lesa and David Cummings have traveled to over fifty countries on all seven continents to capture images that make the viewer want to go somewhere special. David photographs Holy Places worldwide.  From the cathedrals of Europe to the ancient temples of Egypt and Angkor Wat, he shows places of reverence as they have looked ever since their origins.  Lesa loves to show people living their lives at home, wherever that may be.  Children in Burma, retirees in China, and schoolkids in Cuba have all populated her enlightened photographs.

Photographed in February and September of 2016, their new series “Two Seasons of Iceland” was a departure for both of them.  Their humanistic photographic interests have traditionally de-emphasized the classical pretty landscape view.  In this series, however, they use the new and highly capable digital tools to show a bright, saturated world that can only exist in this modern age of easy adventure travel and incredible exposure control.