About Walnut Gallery

Walnut Gallery - located in downtown Gadsden, Alabama
The Walnut Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and school for fine arts. It is an extension of Walnut Gallery Inc., a non-profit organization founded in 2007 that seeks to promote contemporary art. Our Mission The Walnut Gallery exists as an open and public forum for the cultural exchange of ideas. The gallery seeks to be a cultural resource for Northeast Alabama and fulfills this mission through a variety of public events that are open and free to the community. Previous events have included: art exhibitions, public lectures, poetry readings, independent film screenings, PBS ART 21 screenings, concerts, community wide art walks, and educational classes for the public and at risk youth. Walnut Gallery operates for the sole benefit of the public, with an all volunteer staff and board. No member, staff, or board director receives benefit from the operation of the gallery. Committed, Passionate Volunteers Because our entire board and staff are all unpaid volunteers, we are able to use all of the money we raise exclusively. We survive thanks to donations from charitable individuals.  For more information on donating and volunteering, email Executive Director Mario Gallardo at mario@walnutgallery.org.