Walnut Gallery needs your help!

Please help us complete renovations on our new location, the former Christian Science church on 106 Walnut Street. As we continue the 2015 exhibition season, there is still much work to be done on the outside and in the back of the building. Please consider donating to help us reach our funding goal.

Previous Exhibits

"Earthscapes" by Charles and Betty Mills Groover

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Renovations Continue

While the gallery is ready to open to the public, our work is far from done! There are plenty of renovations to be done on the former Christian Science church. Once you see the progress we've made, we hope you'll help us finish what we've started.

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Previous Exhibits: "Containment" by Ali Hval

This fall, Walnut Gallery hosted a collection of fabric-based artwork by Ali Hval entitled, "Containment".

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New Website Design Underway

As we continue renovating our new physical location, our online home is also getting a facelift. Set to open alongside the new gallery, our new website will feature a comprehensive history of the gallery’s past events and exhibitions along with expanded photo galleries and additional information.